Review: The Shires @ Sage Gateshead

When I heard that The Shires were returning to Gateshead, I was optimistic about seeing them again.

I last saw the duo as part of the Sage Americana Festival last year and I was a little disappointed with their live performance. Not wanting to judge, I thought I would give them another go.

And I am glad I did, starting out with Echo- from their new album Accidentally On Purpose, the gig was full of razzle dazzle. With their name up in lights, the audience were up on thier feet singing and clapping along at the first song.

I had bought the album a few weeks before the tour had started, so I was prepared for the lives and I knew all the songs. And after Crissie and Ben played the new track, I was excited to hear more from the album.

However it appeared they had a different arrangement, the set list consisted of the older tracks that I had already heard in previous gigs. Feeling a little disspointed, I was really expceting some of thier newer music.

And after a while, they did start to play their new songs- I guess it just took a while for them to warm up.

I loved thier performance of the album title track- Crissie told us that the story behind the song was after she met a guy in Nashville, she was a little smitten for him so she decided to miss her flight and stay an extra day to see this guy. Sadly the realtionship didn’t last song for poor Crissie.

After a whirlwind of up tempo songs, The Shires slowed things down a little and performed Daddy’s Little Girl- which is a very emotive song and I think they are very stong and brave for performing that song.

Their performance quality had definitely been turned up since the last time I saw them although it did take a while for them to get into the performance.

I just fear that The Shires are going to be that duet that I listen to on my Ipod rather than live. They have improved since last time I just expected a bit more from them.







5 thoughts on “Review: The Shires @ Sage Gateshead

  1. How is the Sage? I’ve never been but I’ve always been curious. Does it feel as grand as it looks? Great post, glad you enjoyed the gig x

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