Creating a business

I write this I am sitting at home with a chesty cough, feeling sorry for myself and watching a Netflix series called Girl Boss.

A series inspired by a book I read called Nasty Gal by Sophia Amoruso, who set up a fashion empire and became a big name in the female business/fashion industry.

And I am sat here thinking of ideas as how to I can set up a business and what that business will be. If I am honest, which you guys know I am – I am not entirely happy with my part time job and I want to make a name for myself-actually do something with my life.

I have been a graduate since 2016 and I still am yet to get a job that I studied in, so I have been thinking about dancing on my own. Setting up my own business and doing it for myself.

What’s your business?

If I am honest, I have no idea- I am using this time to write this blog as a thought bubble.

Maybe I could go into freelancing- helping small business or small theatre companies with their social media and online marketing. Or maybe I could go down a different route, I like Nail art- perhaps I could be a mobile nail artist and do people’s nails… Or maybe I could go down the fashion route.

I have always dreamt of creating an online outfitting shop. There have been several times that I have struggled to put an outfit together for an event and what I end up doing is sending my friends images of my clothes and talking about what should go with what.

So maybe I could set up an online outfit builder, where people who have event to go are in need of some help with an outfit. They could send images of clothes they have and I can help them with an outfit…

Or maybe I could set up my own Zumba class.

Hmmm I don’t know I am just bouncing ideas around.

Won’t quit

Don’t worry I am not going to quit my part time job- by interviewing my woman in charge, I have learnt that it’s important not to be too risky. I need some sort of financial backing behind me before I jump ship.

It’s important that I keep these jobs up if I am going to set up a business.

But How?

Okay you got me, I have no idea how to set up a business. I know that I’d have to start with an idea, then create a brand and marketing etc but other than that I am clueless.

So if I was going to do this, I’d have to have some support.

Day Dream

Perhaps I am only dreaming, maybe I need to stick to finding an actual job and this whole idea of setting up my own business is a bad idea.

If you have had the same thoughts about setting up a business or maybe you have recently set up a business then please do comment below or contact me- I am in need of advice.

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