Life without a Smart Phone

Last month I dropped my phone for the first time ever and it smashed.

A total right off, there was no way I could use it. I am not going to lie, I was really upset- pathetic I know but I was so shocked that it had smashed.

I rang my provider to sort it all out, I had to send my phone off and go to a local store to get a loan phone.

The Loan Phone

Now I had no idea what sort of phone this was going to be and I was not bothered- as long as I could use it that would be fine. I ended up with a posh brick phone (think it was an Alcatel One Touch) and I did struggle to use it.

It had the basics of texting and calling but that was it, no apps or social media. But you know what, I bloody loved it. Yes I struggled at first but I loved having this basic brick.

No Smart Phone

It was bliss, having no notifications or messages going off. Whilst I was ill when this happened, I was able to sit outside or inside and just chill without any distractions. I found that I could appreciate the world more- I could really look at my garden and enjoy what I was seeing in front of me not on a screen

The Struggle is real guys

I did need my phone of the week I was without it, I couldn’t access my diary to know for events/work shifts/ interviews/ driving lessons.

I couldn’t message everyone- I did need to use my laptop for email and social and of course I needed it to update my blog.

So yes I did struggle but I found it so refreshing.

Get Involved

I think everyone should go smart phone free for a week, not drop it of course.

Just turn it off and look up and experience the world from a new view.

4 thoughts on “Life without a Smart Phone

  1. Has your phone been fixed yet Gemma? It’s horrible when it smashes like that. I think having a digital detox is a good thing – I am trying to use my phone a little bit less and appreciate the world around me more. It’s so easy to fall down the social media rabbit hole.

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      1. I’m still working on it. I’m scheduling my tweets and doing blogging stuff when I get in from work and then I’m not on my phone when my husband gets home. When I’m with friends my phone is in my bag on do not disturb except phone calls. I’m trying to be more present 😃

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