Culture Trip 11: Carlisle- Weeping Window @ Carlisle Castle

As a Northumberland lass I am no stranger to Carlisle, whether I am going with the family or I am travelling via Carlisle on the train- I have been to Carlisle many a time.

But for this visit I was there for a particular event- the 14 18 now Weeping Window Now I had seen these beautiful poppies at Woodhorn a couple of years ago. And the atmosphere it created was very powerful- it was silence, people would be walking around the sculpture in silence or perhaps remembrance.

As these poppies have been created in rememberence of our military history.


Poppies at Woodhorn Photo: Peter Hirst

I heard the Poppies were coming to Carlisle so off I went to visit the Carlisle Castle and what a spectacle it was.

The Weeping Window is by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper.


Weeping Window is one of two sculptures from the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation, originally displayed at the Tower of London in 2014.


The poppies are all handmade ceramic poppies.

And the Castle have a historic connection with the military that dates back to 11th century. The Castle is cared for by English Heritage and home to Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life.

It cascades from the top of the keep and arches over down the wall to the grass.

The Poppies are at Carlisle till 8th July.

To plan your visit click here

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