Review: The Tempest @ Queens Hall, Hexham

Image: Charlie Mackenzie-Barrow

Sci-Fi, Star Wars and Star Trek- these are the first things that you think of when you think of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Right? Yes I thought so too, admittedly I have never seen nor studied The Tempest so I had no idea as to what to expect. I am, however familiar with Oddsocks Productions so I knew that I was in for an entertaining piece of theatre.

The set is like there previous stage set ups, scafolding-esque style- things role off and unfold and tumble to unveil all sorts of magic and wonder. Such a simple set and fantastic costumes they can have an R2D2 style Robot, a half man half fish, an alien and even a Geordie trecky to the stage.

That is what I enjoy about Oddsocks, everything is a barrel of laughs with them, the company perform The Tempest in a comedy/panto way. Everything is over the top and cartoon like.

Oddsocks break the fourth wall right from the final countdown, as they introduce themselves and who they are going to be playing. There is a lot of interaction between actor and audience which makes us feel at ease and more relaxed.

The Tempest is an accessible production, yes it is still in the style of Shakespeare lingo but they story is easy to follow. I enjoy the use of sci fi themed songs and referneces to Star Wars and Star Trek- it is all jammed packed in there.

You can ride on board the space ship and enjoy the adventure together.

If you have never been to theatre before then Oddsocks is a great place to start. Get ready to be educated, entertain and laugh a lot.

The Tempest is flying to a planet near you till August 25th click here for more information

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