Great Exhibition of the North- Things to see and do

There are only a few days left till the launch of Great Exhibition of  the North (which I will be attending) and I have been looking through the website and there is soo much to see and do.

So what I thought I would do, is break down the events that I am excited about into the trails that they have been selected in.

Now if you don’t know what I am talking about then click my blog post all about these exciting events.


Art Trail

I have to be honest, when it comes to art- it is not my forte and I am scared of it. But after exploring the website, I am rather excited about what the Art Trail has to offer- it is very North centric. Really focusing on the talent, culture and passion  of the North East- there is so much from the art section that I want to see:

Folk On The Tyne 

Idea of North 

Life in a Northern Town 

Aeons sound Journey for Newcastle 

every thing every time 

105 + dB 

Lauren Laverne 


Innovation Trail

This trail is focusing on the future, empowerment of the North. Looking into what worlds we can create if we only put our minds to it.  If anything I am looking forward to being a child again and playing with Lego and seeing what I can personally creating.

Multiverse Arcade 

Lego Timeline Northern Innovation 

Self  Build Utopias


Pattern Pattern 


Design Trail

I am ready to be amazed and inspired by artists, designers, writers, painters and innovators with the design trail. To see what they have created when thinking outside a box- it may even change the way I create my blog… who knows

Little Black Graphene Dress

Water Sculpture 

Which Way North

Business and Creativity 

David Almond 

Northern Icons 

1up North 


You can also do this too , by registering on the website and clicking the heart to save your events.

This is great for me, as I am not sure when I am going to see all of these, but at least I can have them saved as a reminder.

Click here for more info

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