Culture Trip 13: Alnwick Gardens

I have not been to Alnwick for a while and it has been ever longer since I have been to Alnwick Gardens .

So I thought why not go back? It was a lovely a day and I had nothing planned so why not take a trip to Alnwick.

I did book the tickets in advance online as it was a little cheaper and it meant that I could save time in the queue. I arrived at the gardens and there were no queues, so I was fortunate just to head straight to the main entrance.

I was greeted by a member of staff, given a map and a rundown of the times of the tours that was happening during the day.


As I walked in, I saw the infamous water feature and when I saw that- all my childhood memories came flooding back. I remembered when I was younger how I used to play on those green tractors, filling it with water and trying to water the grass. I remember when I was a guide- going to the garden for a event with the girl guides and feeling like I was at Chelsea Flower Show.


And I still felt just like that- walking around the beautiful gardens it was just like the flower show.

There were some beautiful flowers blooming all around me, I wish I could tell you the names of them. But they were all worth taking pictures of.


I thought this flower looked like a disco ball or a pom pom. As if the garden turns into a party at night. Maybe the flowers light up and all the plant life and insects that live in the gardens gather around and celebrate nature.


Honestly if you want to take time out of your busy day and get out of the house and be outside then please go visit the gardens. It was so peaceful and allowed me time to reflect on things. It even gave me a few ideas for my blog, it was nice just to enjoy nature rather than looking at my phone.

For more info about the Alnwick Gardens click here

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