Great Exhibition of the North Media Call Open Day #GetNorth18

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Media Call Open Day for the Great Exhibition of the North at the Sage Gateshead.

If you don’t know what the exhibition is, it is a 80 day celebration of all things, art, design and innovation. This is going to be celebrated across venues in Newcastle and Gateshead for more info click here  

I was able to network/ interview with people who were apart of the events or created the events.


There is a strong theme at the launch of the Great Exhibition of the North of collaboration and connection. Carol Bell, Executive Director of Great Exhibition of the North said “This is the next step for all artists and creators from all industries to collaborate.”

I got the sense that this is all about inspiring the future generation and being open to change Carol Bell added “the future of Great Exhibition of the North is all about raising  the pride of the North East, showing what is possible, changing the perceptions of the North East and showing what this city can do.”


The Get North team would like the legacy to be about building the relationships and partnerships  between all sections not just culture and making them stronger.

Sarah Stewart, Chief Executive of Great Exhibition of the North said “This is all about the story of the North, looking at the past, present and future. It’s about looking at the future of the North East and what opportunists the exhibition can bring to all sectors.”

Asking about the future of the exhibition Sarah Stewart added “the ideas have to flow organically, it is apart of a  wider collaboration and being inspired by the programme. It is not just about the North East and Newcastle and Gateshead, it is wider than that and being able to offer more opportunities  and events.”

I think that this could massively benefit the North East as a whole,  us Northern lot are a friendly bunch and I really hope it can inspire people who come and be apart of these events.


Kim McGuinness UK Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Culture said in the interview “I hope that this really promotes the city and people continue to talk about this for years, it will increase visitors to the city and inspire communities  to engage in these events from outside the city.”

After the interviews ,I also got to see the UK’s largest  Walter Sculpture that will perform hourly (10am-11pm) every day of the Exhibition with some special commissioned soundtracks .




To find out more about the Great Exhibition of the North click here

It is on from now till September 9th.

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