My Experience of being at a Press Event

You may have seen on my social media pages that I am covering The Great Exhibition of the North and I went to the Media Call Day last week.

This was my first time (I think) that I had been invited and  attended a press event as a blogger.  I was really excited and nervous about going to an event as prestigious as this one.

I was sent a couple of emails days before the event that would outline what would be going on throughout the day. So on the launch of the event on Friday 22 June, off I went to Sage Gateshead.

I had to register and then I was given a media lanyard and The Great Exhibition of the North goodie bag, that was full of exciting items. Then on wards to the Northern Rock Foundation Hall at Sage where the first lot of interviews would take place.


I had already requested on an email who I wanted to interview for my blog, I assumed that the guests would be sat in a row and then we would just ask them questions. But it was totally different,it was very informal- it was like a networking event. Everyone who was involved in the events were all in the room and were chatting on.

If I am honest I did find it a little scary at first, I was reading peoples name tags and then talking to them. I wasn’t sure what the people I wanted to talk to looked like so I had to consult with the organizers and once I knew who was who I was off. Talking to them and interviewing then so I could get content for my blog. I even met a Giraffe.


Normally I would be really nervous but I wasn’t, I had my red blazer on and jazzy pants and felt very confident and proud to be there.

After the interviewing there was a preview of the water sculpture which I walked about in the launch blog  and I was looking around me there were loads of press there, both UK and Internationally based. The BBC and ITV were there and it was great to be classed as press with those big broadcasting companies.


Being apart of the media call open day confirmed to me that I defiantly want to keep blogging and try to make it info a full time job.


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