Update on my Journalism Journey

I have been a graduate for 3 years now, in that time I have had work experiences and interviews.  These have been what I thought all positive but turns out some of them have been negative.

Where am I now?

I am still working part time in retail, which comes with its ups and downs but that is the way of retail.

I am getting interviews but clearly not getting the job and so for that reason- I have decided to get back into LinkedIn. Where I have been connecting with people who are industry experts, doing this has helped my confidence, CV, job prospects and work experience.

I know I still don’t have a job but it will help- I hope.

And you will be pleased to know that I am getting back into driving lessons again.


After interviews I always ask for feedback,  the feedback I get is that someone was just better than  me. It has sometimes been that I can’t drive but mostly it has been that someone just had that extra oomph about then.

What do I do now?

I don’t give up- that is what I do. There are times where I do want to give up, as not having a job can make me feel low.

But I think giving up is the worst thing I could do.



4 thoughts on “Update on my Journalism Journey

  1. Gemma where are you looking for jobs? Are you looking on Holdthefrontpage for example?
    How far off are you from driving? Not being able to drive will put many editors off giving you the job as you can be expected to go cover a story sometimes far off patch at the drop of a hat.
    Have you done much work experience at newspapers or radio stations? When I was working in local papers we gave a couple of people jobs because they’d done such a sterling job on work experience.
    Don’t give up. After I completed my NCTJs it took me a good six months or so before I landed my first job in journalism. You have to persevere.
    Also are you willing to move away or are you set on location? I had to move away and it was the best thing I did.

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    1. Hi Rachel, I am looking at all media job sites.
      I am keeping hush hush about driving but I am learning to drive again 😉

      I have done loads of work exp in Journalism and it put me off. I want to go into content/blogging/feature writing/ pr/marketing. Anything but newspapers.My NCTJs flopped 😦

      I am desperate to relocate.


      1. Good definitely get your driving sorted as a key priority.

        Have you considered the public sector and the third sector? Vonne is a good website for North East charity sector jobs.

        Indeed has some good PR/comms/marketing jobs advertised.

        If you wanted to stay North East there’s northeastjobs.co.uk too I found my new job on there.

        There’s lots of comms assistant jobs around which are more entry level at places like councils, fire service, police, NHS. For the NHS you do need to register with NHS jobs and create a profile.

        It’s also worth looking at apprenticeships too as a foot in the door.

        Work experience at agencies and public sector offices would be a good idea to explore too.

        Get back into LinkedIn and start making connections.

        Don’t forget about the old fashioned way too – pick up the phone and ask if there are any opportunities and if you could have a coffee to chat more.

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      2. Have you seen my driving blog?

        No I have never thought about it.

        Yes I have looked at Indeed and LinkdIn I have been looking at Chester, Liverpool, Manchester.

        A lot of apprenticeships are all unpaid.

        I am struggling to get work experience.

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