Review: Great Exhibition of the North,exploring Newcastle city center

After exploring exhibitions on the launch, me and the Hirst famalam decided to explore the city center on the weekend.

Again not exploring a particular trail, it was late on in Newcastle and we didn’t really know what were were looking for .

Walking into the city, we could not miss the The Worker’s Maypole Yes the magnificent Grey’s Monument has been turned into a colorful maypole in tribute to the North’s achievements and feats for equality.

Installed by Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich, it certainly is a sight to be seen and makes the city even more beautiful.


Just down from the monument is every thing every time by Naho Matsuda

Where in the world where we are all worried about our data, this instillation presents data generated by its visitors, residents and workers on a transport like board.

every thing every time takes information from our interactions to tell a new story about the people and places of Newcastle.

It was interesting, standing outside the Theatre Royal watching the data form and create poems that is written in real time, depending on the data the poem could evoke all sorts of emotions.

A Podcast by Naho Matsuda, has been created to find our more of this installation and where the idea came from.


From the Theatre Royal, to Ouseburn. My Dad took us to Winged Tales of the North, I knew about this exhibition from speaking to Seven Stories at the press event and wanted to know more about this speaker that I think looks like a swan.


Inspired by new flash fiction by David Almond – one of the North’s best-loved writers. I followed the trail through the Ouseburn Valley to find a speaker/ sculpture piece that when you press the button you can hear lines of what I assume is from Almonds work.

I really liked the Mythohpones (image above) created by Dan Fox just by itself with or without the sound, I liked that is was powered by solar panels. To find out more about then click here

And then if that wasn’t enough, from the mythophone is a mural created by artist Kate Drummond.


Which is simply breath taking, I mean I don’t know how long it took to do but it is a powerful piece of artwork. And very fitting as part of the trial, I hope it stays there after the Great Exhibition of the North.

5 thoughts on “Review: Great Exhibition of the North,exploring Newcastle city center

    1. I do have the app 🙂 I don’t get bulletins… I find the programme easier to use. Would you like me to a blog about how to get around using the app,map and programme etc?


      1. Well I will be going to more of the events throughout the months so there will be more to come, I just need to plan when and where. I will write a get around blog for you to help 🙂

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