Top 5 Favourite Things about Corbridge Festival

This weekend would have been Cobridge Festival but sadly it is not happening this year 😦 I know I am really upset about it and it means I have not got a summer music festival to go to. So if anyone has any festival recommendations that would be grand.

In light of the festival not happening, I thought I would take a trip down musical memory lane and list my top 5 moments (though there are more than 5) at Corbridge Festival over the years that I have gone.


I suppose this goes with every festival/outdoor event that you attend, but Corbridge weather always seems unpredictable. I used to look at the BBC Weather App and it would all day sunny and then it would rain, so you always had to be prepared to take your hat and your pac a mac just in case.


What I like about the festival is that there is something for everyone and I am not just talking about the music. Cobridge cater for the children as well, so if the music isn’t there thing then there is plenty of entertainment to be had such as, a little music and craft tent, out door interactive entertainment and rides.


Looking back at mine and my mums photos over the years, it is clear to see what people wore at the festival changed I always rocked out with my crock out and I would always wear a leggings with some sort of summer/festival top- and I always took my hat, cardi, shades and my waterproof. But a lot of people would wear a vest top and shorts and would be regretting it later on.


Hmmm the food was so food, always plenty of choice and everyday a new stall would be around the grounds. When we first went, we would always take a packed lunch as we were never sure about what food choices were going to be there- but when we realised that it was more than just a burger and a bun we would treat ourselves. There would be pizza, pasta, paella, vegetarian options, wraps and Gin and Tonic ice pops.


This says without going, the music- of course that was the best part. With two stages, there was always a mixture of genres. From rock, to folk, to pop, reggae- I know we have had a few popular artist play at Corbridge such as Lucy Spraggan and TopLoader but I prefer watching the smaller/less well known bands who were just getting their name out. As it something new and refreshing to hear.

I am sad that Cobridge Festival won’t be on this year but it will be back in 2019.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Things about Corbridge Festival

      1. Hi Gemma, sorry just picked this up. We are going to a music festival at Beamish Hall on Saturday, it’s running on Sunday too. Cirq Du Hilarious summer show at the coast in a couple of weeks, then Cirq Du Soliel at the end of the month at the Arena. We’re also seeing Benidorm at the Theatre Royal. There are some good heritage events on locally in September including a tour of the Theatre Royal which I’m going to book for

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      2. Oh wow it sounds like you are going to have lots of fun. I would love to read all about it- will you blog about it? I fancy a tour of the theatre royal myself- where can I find the info?


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