Wylam dance company celebrates its 15th birthday

Northumberland based dance company celebrates its 15th year anniversary.
Feet First Dance provides classes in Street, Stage, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballet and Tap. They offer classes to students from ages 2-18 with the ethos of anyone can dance no matter what their ability.
Lucy Hudson set up the dance company in 2003, she wanted it to break the classic stereotypes of dance classes. Where no student would feel out of place or face negative criticism, it was also important to her that it would be affordable.


Image: Lucy Hudson
Lucy gained an A- Level in Performing Arts and Dance, in 2003 she then went to study a BA Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Talking about her journey with Feet First she said “The last 15 years have certainly been a roller coaster ride. I’m am incredibly proud of all my students past and present, they put their heart and soul into their dancing and produce such wonderful pieces of dance.”
The dance company that is based in Wylam Institute, encourages students to have their own choreographic voices and allows them to create their own material. Students can also gain industry experience from dancing around the region to being apart of music videos.
Feet First student, Rebecca Morphet from Ryton said “Feet first is a great place to dance if you have a passion for it! You are always supported in a fun environment and abilities are never doubted! Feet first is great!”
Breaking that stereotype, Feet First does not hold exams for their students but instead they hold performances at the end of term with a summer show at Queens Hall Theatre in Hexham.

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Image: Feet First Dance

I am actually a passed student of Feet First, I started in 2004/5 and I danced in Stage, Street and Contemporary. I loved being apart of the company, I was having fun, making new friends and developing my dance techniques and skills. As well as teaching me those skills, I feel that Lucy gave me confidence in myself, she will tell you that I was a very shy girl when I started but the more I danced then the more I grew out of my shell.
Lucy spent six month training at Pineapple Studios where she could develop her skills and pass them on to her students, she added “ If I can help just one student build their confidence and achieve their dreams then all the hard work is worth it. Here’s to another 15 years of making dance happen”
To celebrate Feet First 15th birthday, they are holding a picnic in Wylam where there will be cake, Big Jenga, Limbo, Tin Can Alley, Hoola Hooping and Face painting. Lucy invites all students past and present to join in with the celebrations.

For more info about Feet First click here

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