Getting Around Great Exhibition Of The North

I have had a lot of questions asking me about Get North 2018, about what it is, what is on and the main one- how to get around.

So I have decided to do a little blog post to help you get around the exhibition.

When I travel in to the exhibition I am coming from Prudhoe, so if any of you are travelling in from there here is how to get there. (Scroll further down if you are not travelling from Prudhoe)

From Prudhoe, you can either catch the 10 or the 10B and I believe an adult return ticket  to Newcastle is around £5 or if you are expecting to go more than one day during the week, you can get a weekly pass for £25.00.

Once you are into Newcastle Eldon Square station (the main and last stop on the 10 and 10B) you are in the main city. From there you can walk into the city and pretty much access all of the venues (see my map below)

If you are travelling from Gateshead/Newcastle or you can’t walk around, I find that the Go North East Quay-link Services are really handy. I tend to use this for getting to the Sage and Baltic.  There is the Q1, Q2 and Q3 and no matter where you get on they pretty much go around in a circle and have stops close to the Get North hubs.

And of course you have the trusty Metro trains too that can get you in to Newcastle and Gateshead.

Not a fan of the bus or the metro ? Why not try the Mobikes like I did a while ago, you can cycle around Newcastle and Gateshead when the weather is nice (which it has been recently) and cycle to the events whilst also getting some exercise in.

In terms of following the trails, I am not going to lie- it is really hard. I I have not been able to get to every event just because I can not find it. I do have the Get North Map but it is really not helpful.

I say check out what’s on and plan your own little trail and if you get stuck, head to a venue and speak to the volunteers in the blue tops.


For more Get North travelling tips click here


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