I have been a graduate since 2016 and I have not yet got a job in media,  I have had many a interview and been soo close but yet so far.

Whenever I get a rejection (which is most of the time) I ask for feedback and some of the time they don’t give me any feedback. But for those that do I thought I would tell you on here, so  when you apply for roles you may be able to rectify these problems and perhaps not receive such rejections.

I here this a lot- You don’t have enough work experience, when everyone is battling for work experience it is a struggle to fight for a place. Don’t get me wrong I have loads of work experience in many industries but recently I have been finding it hard to get more.

Another one is I am too experienced, companies often look for people who are just starting out and I have been to experienced and overqualified for roles.

We need someone to start straightaway– I heard this recently and they were more or less suggesting that due to me working part time I can start when they need me to.

This one is fair enough You can’t drive, this one I can control and I am trying to change I just need time to complete it. There are responses that I can except and others that I can’t like this one You have not been paid for work experience … surly that is the whole point of work experience.. it is unpaid as they are providing you with skill developments. All of my work experience and roles in writing have all been unpaid as they have never been able to pay me hence funding myself with a little part time job.

Which leads me on to the last reply You already have a job … this is true but it is not  a journalism or marketing job. It is small 12hr role in retail and it is not full time or paid that well nor is it what I want to do as a full time career so how does that affect me applying for this job?

Employers need to realise that rejection hurts and they are messing with peoples lives.

Have you ever applied for roles and had some interesting/ unhelpful feedback then let me know in the comment section.





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