Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Sunderland Air Show

I have never ever been to the Sunderland Air Show, I know how shocking is that?

So on the Saturday 28th July I headed to the Sunderland Airshow to celebrate 30 years of the fantastic event.


And what an event it was, it started at 10am but I decided to rock up for the afternoon events.

Dropped off by the fabulous Go North East Park and Ride services at Recreation Park. I did not know what to expect, Seaburn was jam packed with so many attractions to see and do.

Click here to see the map

Now the weather was a little up and down, there were moments where it was gorgeous sunshine and times where it was very choppy so some of the demonstrations were cancelled.


I did get to see some of the RAF Typhoon demonstrations and the AreoSuperBatics WingWalkers.

The noise on the aircrafts were powerful as you saw them flying high in the sky, like dancers creating all sort of shapes and patterns- absolutely spectacular to see. It made me feel sick just watching them fly forwards and backwards and up and down.



Along with the demonstrations, services like the RAF, British Army, Royal Marines etc were there to show the public what they do and what aircraft they fly.




If you follow local media and are from the North East then you will know what BBC Newcastle Radio for the North East were covering Sunderland Air Show. I got to meet the Breakfast presenter Alfie Joey ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that was fun ๐Ÿ™‚

There were thousands of thousands of people and they were all waiting for the finale- the red arrows. And it certainly was worth waiting for, the colors coming from the planes was just fantastic.



I loved my time at the airshow and will be back again.


One thought on “Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Sunderland Air Show

  1. I love the Sunderland Airshow itโ€™s such a good event. Where I lived in Lincoln was down the road from the base of the Red Arrows so used to watch them do their practices for displays โ€“ they are amazing. Iโ€™ve also interviewed a couple of the pilots too when I worked as a journo โ€“ they are lovely!

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