Get North Survival Guide

You may remember that I did a guide for the fringe festival   a few years ago. With The Great Exhibition of the North happening in Newcastle and Gateshead I thought some of you may like a survival guide for this too.


Before you head off into the exhibition, plan your trip- are you going to follow the art, design or innovation trail that is been created via the app or map. Or will you design your own by going through what is on and what interest you and what you think you can get to (this is what I did and it it much more fun)  to create your own.


Definitely take a rug sack or some sort of bag that is comfortable for you to carry. And in that bag take your phone for the Get North App,  the map to help you get around, and phone charger to keep your battery running.

And if this lush weather is going to continue- I recommend taking sunscreen, sun hat, shades, water and maybe some fruit to keep you going in between your journey but of course you can eat out in Newcastle  and Gateshead as well.


Check out my getting around Get North post here to see useful ways of getting around the venues.


Have fun, experience what the North East has to offer within arts and culture.

If you are totally new to the events then click here for my Get North Blog posts.







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