Using LinkedIn the right way

Image: LinkedIn by Mambeme Arts & Crafts

I have had LinkedIn for as long as I can remember and I thought I was using it the right way. I had been treating it as an online CV- adding my experiences in both retail and journalism.  And that was that.

Until I went to university, I had been missing out on all the opportunities- turns out you can use LinkedIn for connecting and networking with industry experts and like minded people  and also for job searching.

Since then I have been searching and applying for roles, I can type in blogging, journalism, content writing with a location if I am looking location specific and the results will show people from those industries. I can then click on that profile, view their CV and press connect.

So after they connect, I send them a nice message saying Hi thanks for connecting, hope you are well… and after that it goes from where- I ask for advice on work experience, blogging and jobs etc Which is fantastic as you are not only getting advice but networking and making useful contacts which you may need.

LinkedIn also has the option to job search and again you can see what roles are in your location, what are suited to your skills. You can also search for roles and locations that you are interested in and easy apply- which means by clicking the button your profile will get sent to the job.

Which is why it is still useful to have your LinkedIn profile set up 100%.

You have a picture, a little biography which is useful to include any links that you may have.  You can add your work experience and talk in detail in the text box what you did in those experiences and jobs etc.

You can also talk about your education and add skills which is useful for your job searches. So what are you waiting for ? Go and set up or update your profile as you never know what  you will find or who you will meet.


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