Beauty Bloggers scare me

They really do.

Don’t get me wrong, they work very hard at their craft and it is no where near an easy art form to start. It’s just every book, blog post or podcast I listen to about blogging, branding, networking and social media all relates back to the beauty blogging industry.

And I am overwhelmed and petrified by the amount of  beauty bloggers there are in the bloggersphere. Not only that but how many opportunities they get, working with brands, testing out products, getting to do paid content and reviews etc

They have the power to influence consumers, if you look at my You Tube history and watch later list then you will find that it is full of beauty vlogs and tutorials. I am not a beauty blogger as you know so if I am in need of some inspiration then I go to you tube to find a new make up look or see if a new product is worth all the hype.

I have literally bought products from reviews on you tube and followed a tutorial in the hope that I will look just as flawless due to beauty bloggers.

And then this leads me on to my own blog and the sector that I write in- which is of course, journalism and culture. I like to think that when I am writing about my journo journey that I am helping fellow grads and people looking for jobs in the media and when I share my Culture Trips or reviews or talk about theatre I like to think that at least some of you will visit the places that I go to or see I show that I have talked about.

But I have no measure of that I am not sure that culture bloggers are as stronger influences in comparison to beauty bloggers.

Going back to opportunities,in my experiences it appears that beauty bloggers get more opportunities in both jobs and blogs and I find it hard to find similar opportunities in the sector that I write about.

Everywhere I turn beauty bloggers are popping up and I am scared that the rest of us are going to be left behind.





3 thoughts on “Beauty Bloggers scare me

  1. A lot of smaller beauty bloggers don’t get the opportunities – they pay for the products themselves to build up their brand before approaching companies for collabs. I’ve started getting opportunities but I’ve massively put myself out there. Beauty blogging is a very saturated market and extremely competitive.

    Rachael |

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