Culture Trip 14: Space Golf @ Newcastle

Photo by Linda Hirst

Yes, you did read it right, I experienced Crazy Golf but with a twist in Newcastle.

I had seen my cousin do it on Facebook and it looked fab so I wanted to go. So I and the Hirst famlam booked onto Mr Mulligans Newcastle Space Golf at Newgate Street.

The entrance to the space golf is fantastic, it feels like you are stepping onto a spacecraft and you are awaiting your mission.


Photo by Linda Hirst

We went for 1 game which is 9 holes and I think it was just over £20 for the four of us. There are 3 courses and we chose Cosmic Storm as it sounded adventurous.  Given our florescent golf balls and our clubs, we were ready to start.

20180822_133519.jpg Photo by Linda Hirst

You walk in and it is very dark (thank god for the glow in the dark balls) but there are numbers on the walls so you know the order of the course.

And off we went, struggling to see the ball and trying to find the hole it was really funny and I felt like I little kid.

The course is decorated out with stars, moon rocks, aliens anything space related- they had it.


Photo by Linda Hirst

They also had space-related sounds that put me off a lot, haha it was difficult to focus when I could hear TARDIS sounds in the background, but it was all apart of the experience.

You get given a tally chart to mark up the scores as you go, now I know it is the taking point that counts and it is just a bit of fun but I lost haha.

Turns out I am not as good as golf as I thought I was, never mind it was great for something to do in Newcastle. Especially as it was a wet day that day we wanted to be inside just not inside the house.

It’s a lot of fun and a great idea to get you off your mobile phones and doing a physical activity.


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