Culture Trip 16: Stockton

It was August and I was on my holidays and needed something to do, so I asked some North East bloggers and was suggested, Preston Park. If I am honest I had no idea where it was or what it was.

So I googled it and off me and the Hirst famalam went.


Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised to see this grand hall with a glass conservatory. And it turned out that this grand hall was a museum, like a mini Beamish you can experience what life was like in 1895 in a replica Victorian Street.


There was a gallery that had an interactive exhibition on that showed what life was like as Georgian family and a section that had a collection of items from different periods. When I was there in August it looked as though parts of the museum was closed, but I was not fussed as there was an adventure play area, skate park (which is a very impressive skate park and is perfect for any skater) and a Victorian allotment.


I know I am too old to be playing in parks but it was a nice day to walk around, now I don’t know how large the land is but it appeared to be really big so we only walked a little part of it.

I am writing this in September but at the time in August we were actually coming to Stockton for a gig by Cattle & Cane singer Joe Hammil at the end of September, so we thought it best to have a look around at the city.


Some may say that it is not up to much but I rather like it, I’d say it has a lot going for it and with a bit of funding it could be more.


After all the walking around we were in need of some scran, I actually asked the Middlesbrough band Cattle & Cane where is best to go and they suggested a few places. But we actually ended up at a cafe called Remember Me Tea Room that is on Finkle Street.




And it’s not just any old tea room, it is a world war/vintage/quirky tea room that do proper tea with all sorts of flavours, cakes, sandwiches and scones- the works.



And as you can see, we were really hungry and we did go all out, we had tea in china mugs, a variety of sandwiches,  cakes and scones.

It certainly was a scrumptious tea and no I could not eat it all, I had to take my muffin home with me.

Overall I really enjoyed my day at Stockton and it was a delightful day out.

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2 thoughts on “Culture Trip 16: Stockton

  1. I really enjoyed this story, I live not far from Stockton and have visited many times but was unaware of the interesting museum in Preston Park. Thanks Gemma

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