Culture Trip 17: Stockton at night

You will see that the last Culture Trip I visited Stockton during the day and I was planning to return to see Cattle & Cane’s  Joe Hammill.

Well at the end of September, I did just that and I really enjoyed his performance. I live quite far from Teeside so it took us  (me and my mum) a while to get there so we wanted to make an evening of it.

I didn’t know where was best to go for an evening meal in Stockton so I took to Trip Advisor and a restaurant called Finkle&Green . The reviews were fantastic and I was really impressed with the menu selection online, so I booked it in advance.  There was a selection of menus and we chose the post theatre menu just because we liked the choices and we were going to see a show after the meal.  I had chosen the vegan option of the aubergine curry and it was really tasty, not too spicy but enough flavours to taste and enjoy the curry.


Not to be rude, we did for a pudding too and I had a parfait and I am not going to lie, I don’t know (and still don’t) know what a parfait really is.  By whatever it was, it was yummy.


Finkle & Green told us about a cocktail bar called The Nuthatch that was around the corner from them and if we visited there with our receipt and a card they gave us, we would get 10% off our drinks.

So off we went to that Cocktail bar and I felt like I was in Made In Chelsea, it was such a unique venue, it was hard to believe that I was still in Stockton.  It’s a small bar, I love the decoration and the vibe in there with rose cold hatches and green leafy wallpaper with a branch hanging down that has a light bulb on the end.  It’s hard to describe, it’s best to go and see what I mean.


Now you know that I like my gin so I went for the Blueberry and Apple Sling gin cocktail and it tasted like candyfloss juice. Honestly, you wouldn’t know it was alcohol, it was a really nice atmosphere and like watching all of the cocktails being made at the bar.


All fed and watered, we headed to The Georgian Theatre (not too far from the cocktail bar) to see Joe perform songs from his new EP Infant Hercules.


Now I was not reviewing this one, I just wanted a day off and to enjoy the experience.


But I really enjoyed his set, it was strange seeing him on stage without the rest of Cattle and Cane but  I am super excited to hear what will be next from the Teeside Music Industry.

All in all, it was a bloody good night at Stockton and I was really impressed with the town. I can see what they are trying to do and I think if they made more of what they have around the area of Finkle and Green and The Nuthatch, then it could be a promising site for Stockton- defo a great place to have a few drinks.

I think I need to return to Stockton to have a proper explore around.






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