In the Moment

Another honest post from myself today, this year has not been a greatest and luck has not really been on my side in terms of career.

I have not had any interviews for roles in the media which is not what I was hoping for. And I have done all the right things in terms of networking, getting work experience and developing my CV and nothing has happened for me.

And I have been wallowing in my own self-pity, this year I have been in a low place hence doing the yoga and the self-care to cheer myself up. It is working, I am feeling better (ish) I need to do more of it to feel completely myself.

But I need to stop wallowing and just get on with it. Be in the moment, don’t give up totally just yet. I need to stop: fearing the unknown,  forgetting how strong I am, stop killing my own vibe and worrying about the future.

Sometimes it is hard to feel and think positively when everyone around you is succeeding but I just need to keep applying for roles and whatever will be will be.



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