Me and My Skin Update #5

Thought it was time that I had another update on my skin, I have really learnt to come to terms with my skin now. I have good days and bad days but I think I have really got my skin routine in order.

To cleanse my skin depending on what I have I either use  9 To 5 from Lush, this is a really soft and gentle cleanser that I like to use. It makes my skin feel really soft and it just cleans my skin- no fuss.  I also have started to use Herbalism from Lush every day as it is not harsh on my skin and because my skin is oily I need that exfoliation to revitalise my skin- the smell also reminds me of Christmas so that is a bonus. And if I don’t have Lush in my bathroom then I use B Range from Superdrug Moisturising cleanser which is more like a deep cleanse. I think they have stopped making it as I could not find it online.

To moisturise I use either B Confident Day Cream which is really light on my skin and a great base for makeup so is Vanishing Cream from Lush. You don’t need much of this product as it really moisturises your skin but it does not feel heavy and you don’t have that oily look on your skin but it does give a nice shine.

In terms of face masks, I still use the Lush masks that I have mentioned in previous skin posts but I have recently found a new mask by Sand & Sky  and it is a Porefining Face Mask that I tend to use one or twice a week as it really helps my oily skin. It is not harsh at all, you simply use the brush to apply a thin layer of the mask, leave it on for 10mins and wash off with a warm damp cloth. I do this as a night time routine as it is nice to give myself a night time facial/pamper before bed. It leaves my skin feeling really matte and clean like it has drawn all of the rubbish out.


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