I am lost in my career

Since I have not yet got a job in the media world I have been thinking of other career options and I have no idea where I should go or what I should do next.

I have drawn up a thought bubble in my notepad to think of ideas but the truth is, I have too many and I have nowhere I should go or what I should do.


So I have thought about freelancing work, whether that is blogging, content writing, social media or marketing. Perhaps I could help local businesses no matter how small to grow their digital engagement.

But the truth is, I don’t have much experience and I have never done anything like this before so I don’t know how I would go about helping people and if you think about it- people can find out on their own how to set up their social media profile so why would they need me?

Personal Stylist

In my retail job, I have been doing personal stylist appointments and I have loved it. So why shouldn’t I do it on my own? Set up a business of being a personal stylist- perhaps I could work with brands to help customers create outfits or work with customers in their own wardrobe and see how I can reinvent their old jumpers etc

However, I don’t know if this would be an online form or would I have a studio?  I have no idea.


This isn’t something I wanna do but should I stick with my retail career and work my way up or get some hours? It would not be the best option but it is something I suppose.


I would love to be able to have my blog as a business and go full time but again I don’t know enough about this and how I could even make money from my blog.


If you see my Instagram then you will know I love doing my nails and getting them done so maybe this is something I could do?  Build the experience up and create my own mini salon or do mobile nail artists?


With my background in dance, fitness and experience in yoga and Zumba maybe I could train to be a teacher in it and create my own classes?


Is there something else that I could be doing, whether that is a massive change in direction or is there something on my CV that is shouting right at me? What else could I be doing as a career.


That is the problem with all of these ideas, I have no idea how to set anything up or how I could go about creating a business.  So if you are reading this and you know how to help me then please feel free to say hello.


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