Dipping My Toes

This blog post is inspired by BBC Radio Newcastle’s Alfie Joey Tedx talk about changing lanes.

If you have just come back from watching his talk, then you will have found out that Alfie Joey was many things before he was a radio presenter, he was a monk, comedian, impressionist, toy demonstrator. And now, he isn’t just a presenter, he is an artist as well.

The point I am trying to make is, he had many dreams and tried many jobs before he finally got to where he wanted to be. And here is me wanting to jump right on into a job and find my dream straight away.

I guess there is nothing wrong with having a dream and wanting to achieve it but it is all about the journey. Hence I am trying to dip my toe into a variety of things to find out what I enjoy and what I want to do.

I do feel silly having many pairs of shoes and going into a variety of experiences but it’s what I need to do. I am scared that I will keep doing this and not find a paid role and find what it is that I want to do.

So I hope that doing all of these things will help me in the long run, it was interesting and inspiring to hear Alfie’s story. To hear that he has had many shoes and it has got him to where he is now.

It motivates me and pushes me on to know that I just need to keep going and one day I will get there.

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