Gemma’s Journey- What’s coming in 2019?

Well hello there and a belated Happy New Year! I hope you have had a good one. I know I did.

So I guess you want to find out what is new for Gemma’s Journey? Well, I have many new features which you will find more about by scrolling down.   I am going to be expanding my topic areas and sharing more on my social media to engage with you lovely lot, especially on my Instagram.

I am going to TRY to post more. I am going to try and post Wed, Fri and Saturday. It may not straight away but I sure as heck will have a go. And if it goes to plan I will keep it up and if not then I will stick to the original plan.

Here are my new features:


Creative Crafters

I have noticed that there are more and more crafters popping up, from button arts to textiles. Creative people are getting their business head on and doing what they love and are creating a business out of it.  I am going to be interviewing artists about their work and finding out their business.

Cabaret Artists

This is not fully 100% yet as I have not got a feature name for it yet but I want to give cabaret artists a voice, a chance to have their say on the industry that they perform in. People like me always ask the same questions and I fear I am missing out on something, I love Cabaret and what they do and I just want to showcase it on my blog.

Community Business

Again- I ain’t got a title, I live in Prudhoe Northumberland and the Front Street is full of local shops and I want to share with you who and what they are. Find out how long they have had the shop and what it is like to sell to the People of Prudhoe.

People of Prudhoe

Speaking of which- I want to find out stories from the community by interviewing the people who have lived here for years. I feel like I don’t know much about where I live so what a great way to find out more.

Cooking With Dad

Though he does not know this yet, I want to start posting more on Instagram and maybe turn this into a blog post feature. My dad cooks amazing food and most of it is vegan as my brother is vegan. So I’d love to share with you the cooks that my amazing Dad creates.

Eating Out With Mam

I and my Mam are best friends, we like to go out for coffees, teas, cakes and scran. My Mam always rants and raves about it on her Instagram– she is better at social media than me. Please give her a follow or like a photo or maybe even say that Gemma’s Journey brought you here 🙂  I think she should do it for my blog haha, anyway I am going to start writing, reviewing and covering all things eatery based when I go out in the North East. And maybe start telling you some of my hidden gems where I like to go to eat.

These are my new features and ideas for my blog so far, all be it they may not have a title or may not be 100% yet it is a start anyway.



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