Using LinkedIn for your Graduate Goals

This post is not sponsored by Graduate Goals, I paid for the service and had a 15%  voucher from Twenty-Something City. All my views are my own.

At the end of 2018, I was thinking about how I have been using LinkedIn a lot more but my profile is weak. I was playing around with it myself but I still was not happy.

Until I came across Twenty-Something City blog, she had used a company called Graduate Goals who help develop CV’s, Cover Letters, Job Applications and LinkedIn profiles. They also guide you on career coaching and job search sessions.

Intrigued to know more, I read the blog and talked to Alice (Twenty-Something City) and she spoke highly of the service. So I wanted to make use of Graduate Goals to help improve my chances of connecting and networking with the right people.

How does it work?

So I contacted Graduate Goals and asked about giving my LinkedIn Profile a facelift, Carrie got back in touch with me and gave me instructions on how I had to get started.

I had to set up a temporary login that Carrie could use so she could have a look what she had to work with. Carrie has experience and knowledge of journalism and media so knew exactly what to do.

After the login was done, Carrie wanted a previous CV and a completed LinkedIn form that she sent me.

Then it started

After I had done this, Carrie worked on creating and updating my profile to help me stand out.  She was interested in my blog and wanted to know my  DA, monthly readers and my followers on my social media channels. Carrie also asked if I had ever worked on any campaigns or brands for my blog, if I had much experience and what my biggest achievement(s) have been so far, apart from your degree. Any awards, projects, feedback, collabs etc that I am proud of.

My Enhanced LinkedIn Profile

My LinkedIn profile had now been completed and enhanced and it took 3 days to complete.
This is what had been changed:


 My headline has been rewritten to make it more eye-catching and
punchy, and in line with my career aspirations. This means I will
rank higher in search results and should mean an increase in


Using existing information from my CV and the information form I
sent, my summary section had been completely rewritten to provide a more in-depth and comprehensive overview of my experience, skills and achievements. It has also been made keyword rich, to increase my visibility in search results.


One of the biggest problems with my old profile was scrolling through
the huge number of work experiences you I gained.  Work experience IS
a great thing, however, the LinkedIn format doesn’t lend itself very
well to listing lots of work experience as you have to actively load
more experiences on the page and research show recruiters don’t tend to
do this (they spend an average of 2-3 minutes looking at a profile).
So Graduate Goals created a Freelance Writer section and listed all my experienced underneath and just summarised my experiences.  They had  also rewritten a lot of my other experiences to make them richer in key search terms related to your preferred industries and expertise (for example by adding more references to marketing)


My profile had quite a lot of grammatical errors throughout so they had
been through it very thoroughly and made corrections to ensure that
grammar and spelling are error free. This is especially important for
writing/marketing type roles, as even one or two mistakes, will be
frowned upon by employers in this field.


They had added 10 relevant skills so that could be ranked higher in searches.

Career Visibility

My Career Visibility section has been reworked and updated in line with my aspirations and targeted careers. More relevant jobs have been added to my profile is now more visible for relevant opportunities according to Linkedin’s own search facilities and algorithms.

The Results

I am very happy with the results and I have managed to gain more connections and views because of it.

I would definitely recommend using Graduate Goals to help boost your career.

For more information click here 



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