Finding My Tribe

Currently and since I graduated I have been blogging, working part-time in retail and watching my friends on facebook succeed and gain a career in what they wanted to do. Which is fantastic, I am super proud of them but and this is a big but- I feel left out.

This is not to be confused with jealousy, I honestly feel lonely.  When I was university I had some (and still do) great friends that I saw every day in and out of university. Since then I have not been able to meet up with them because they have all moved on.

And I am still trying to start my journey so it does leave me feeling lonely.

As a blogger I have connected/networked with other fellow bloggers and I am friends with them on social media and I keep in regular contact but it isn’t the same as going for a coffee and having a chat with them. It is the same with all of the projects that I have been a part of, gained my friends who I talk to on social media but it is not just the same.

I am going to make the effort this year to reconnect with some of my friends who I know are still North East based who I can go and have a drink with.  I do miss chatting to “my tribe” people like me loving blogging, theatre and all sorts of quirky things that I like to do.

So I do need to get myself involved in more projects and find my tribe, blogging can be a lonely thing and it can have an effect on your mental health, not chatting to people. And perhaps you are reading this now and you can relate to this, so why not start making the effort?

You feel so much stronger and confident and not as lonely when you find your tribe.

Go out there and say hello, arrange to meet up, put a smile on someone’s face and talk about anything. Find your tribe.




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