Self Care #2

In the morning of today, I tried some meditation which focused on a body scan and really noting and focusing on any ailments or any niggles I had and what to do with them. Usually, in the evening, I do some Yoga but as it was my day off I decided to in the afternoon, so I practised some standing stretches which felt really nice.

After relaxing and calmness my brain became scattered and I was overwhelmed with things I had to do today and I could not prioritise. Though it was frosty the sun was out and it looked lovely so I was inspired by Wilderness Handmade Cards and went on a short 20min walk to the woodlands of Prudhoe.



Do you know what? It was really nice, fresh and crisp but still really nice. I had my headphones on listening to Lady Gaga and Little Mix I was following wherever my legs would take me. Found myself on a path that I had not walked down in a while, I paused my music and just appreciated what was around me, the birds singing, the trees, the hills, the greenery and the weather. I loved being with mother nature.



And when I came home, not only did I feel warm haha I felt with one with myself and I felt refreshed like I knew what I needed to do and what to do first. And do you know what else I did? I made an Instagram story about it. Instagram is another blog post I need to write but I have been so scared of creating stories, I just thought screw it let’s just share this moment with my followers and remind everyone about self-care.


This is what this post is really about, taking time out for yourself. No matter if you are at home, in an office, at work- if you are feeling stressed, then I recommend going out for a walk or simply stepping out of that room and taking time out for yourself- trust me it will do you the world of good.

FB_IMG_4378930081721203189 (1).jpg

Self-care is so important and I used to think it was a lot of old rubbish but it isn’t, it is nice to have time for yourself.

And now later this evening, I am going to get myself a bath bomb and have a bath and listen to some music. And just unwind from the day.

*I wrote this on the 30th of January*

4 thoughts on “Self Care #2

  1. I am definitely checking myself this year. Self care is so easy and so important.
    Getting outside is the perfect medicine. I love having a dog for this reason as it makes me go outside. Although I sometimes have to drag myself out, whilst out and when I get home I always feel so good. 🙂


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    1. Hi Caroline
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 yea fresh air does a world of good, I have a cat so I have to go walking on my own haha. I hope your dog enjoys the fresh air too 🙂


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