Top 5 North East Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day-a chance to celebrate with those you love- no matter who they are. It is nice to treat yourselves for a nice meal out somewhere. There are loads of eatery places in the North East so how you do know where is good to go?

I have chosen 5 places in the North East to go for that special day.

The Broad Chare

This one is a hidden gem, situated on the Quayside down from the law courts. It is a pub with proper pub grub and an edge of classiness. I went there after the Great Exhibition of the North and I have been before when I visited Live Theatre and I am always left feeling full. It such a warm and welcoming place, if you want a hearty meal with a feel-good factor I suggest you visit there.

The Woodmans Arms 

The Woodmans Arms at Wickham is a quirky yet beautiful venue, it looks like it should be a Fringe venue. With lights, seats and tables outside and as you walk in, you see flowers, woodman tools, it is very homely and warm. I have only been for Sunday Lunch and the portion sizes are massive but the food is incredibly tasty. I have checked the regular menu and there are plenty of options including many vegan options too. If you want somewhere to take amazing Instagram photos then this is the place to go- especially with a wall full of roses.

Evans Bistro

Located in Whitley Bay, this is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. They have soo much choice and again the portions are just right. It is a small venue but it is worth the trip to the coast to enjoy some tasty food. And when you are feeling full (which you will) you can have a romantic stroll along the coast and get some fresh air in your lungs.

Pizza Punks 

If you want something a bit more modern, up bit and punky then you need to get yourself into Newcastle to go to Pizza Punks. I went there on my birthday, you can pick your pizza how you like to eat it. From the base to the topping, it is all your choice. And if you managed to eat that Pizza then you can have some of their delicious desserts- only get the one that way you and your date/partner can share- trust me you will need to share.

Balls of Prudhoe

Maybe you would rather have lunch or evening meal? Balls of Prudhoe do both if you just want some award-winning Fish and Chips or a soup and a sandwich then Balls is for you. The restaurant is beautifully designed inside, very bright, colourful and floral. And it is run by a family business, so the staff are dead canny and they all know their stuff.

To see where the Restaurants are checked out my interactive map

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