Culture Trip 21- Museum of Classic Sci-Fi @Allendale

It was a cold and snowy February afternoon and I and the Hirst famalam had been walking around Langley. In need of a pit stop, we found ourselves in Allendale and got more than we had bargained for.

We went to the Allendale Forge Cafe, which is a quaint cafe that showcases and celebrates local arts, crafts, woodwork, textiles etc. I even bought a nice woolly yet colourful hat that matches my rainbow hoodie.


And we had a lovely lunch, I had a cream of ham and sweetcorn soup with a warm role, a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and I pushed the boat out and had a slice of some chocolate cake.

I think I deserved that after all the walking we had done, looking through the rooms of the Forge I could see what looked like a Dalek through the window. Intrigued to know more we found that this Dalek was the museum that has been in all the local and national press of recent.


Yes this was Neil Cole’s Adventures in Science Fiction: Museum of Sci-fi, we may as well visit this whilst we are here. So we did, it was £7 each and we were told about what we were about to see and off we went. Through the vortex to discover another dimension of sci-fi.

Full of costumes, props from all your favourite sci-films and tv programmes, I could not believe what was stored away in this little museum.  There were Cybermen, Daleks, Silver Surfer Teeth, Thors Costume, Star Wars exhibition. Everything- you name it, your imagination will be blown away by what you see.

The exhibition is only small but it is jam-packed, I love the dark eery lights and the music that you can hear, it certainly puts you in the sci-fi mood.


I think I  know my Doctor Who and Star Wars yet after exploring the museum it turns out that I don’t. And clearly, the creators of this museum know their stuff, they even have their own doctor who/tardis car.



The museum is situated in Osborn House, The Peth, NE47 9BJ and the entrance are next to the Dalek outside and the Team Tardis car.


The Musem is open Mon-Sun 10.00am-5.00pm to find out more information click here for the website and here for the Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Culture Trip 21- Museum of Classic Sci-Fi @Allendale

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit…and then write about it! So glad you enjoyed it…and love the hat!!!! I’m guessing I wasn’t in when you visited…I would have remembered your colourful presence😊😊😊😊😊😊😊!

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    1. Thank you for creating the museum, it puts a smile on everyone’s faces. We went on a Sunday, no it was an elderly gentleman who was working on the desk that day. Haha yes I can’t go missing in that colourful combo.


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