This was one of my goals this year, to be more positive and to think positively and I must admit in January I struggled. I had proper winter blues I was feeling rubbish and I think I was even, in fact I know I was rude to my family 😦 I was in such a bad mood.

And I have no excuse/reason as to why that was, I just think I was wanting everything to happen straight away and it wasn’t. I need to remember my journey is a climb, not a walk.

Everything is going to take time and with that in mind I can focus on other things and be more upbeat and positive. With that positive focus, I can have a better look on life and not be as grumpy.

Just shifting my outlook on life can affect how I feel and what I want to do on a daily basis.  I can focus on content for my blog, career, health, fashion, lifestyle- everything.

So I am defo starting to do this now, just walking around with a smile on my face and skip in my step and being a little optimistic. Not knowing what the day might bring or knowing what is going to happen, instead of having strict plans and ticked lists will also help me have a better outlook on life too.

Let’s start being positive.



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