Prudhoe Front Street- Aspen Physiotherapy

Image: Aspen Physiotherapy

What is your business called?

Our Business is Aspen Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

What service do you provide?

We provide a wide range of the most up to date scientific evidence-based physiotherapy treatments. Treating everything from a frozen shoulder to back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis. We have a specialist interest in pain, including chronic pain (pain lasting over 3 months) We provide biomechanical assessments and prescription orthotics (specialised insoles for lower limb problems) We also offer massage for both relaxation and general wellbeing and sports massage.

We are about to launch online training, The Truth About Pain, which is aimed at Physiotherapists, GP’s and other medical professionals.

Where in Prudhoe are you?

We are at 28 Front Street, towards the bottom of the street opposite the garage.

When did you open your shop?

We opened in 1995 in the Buzz factory gym before moving to our current premises in 1999.

Why Prudhoe Front Street?

To provide a good honest, local service to people of the area. The town is friendly welcoming and supportive of local businesses. Steve has always lived in Prudhoe and we love its sense of community. There was also the need to offer people a different option of health care.

What is the best thing about being on Front Street?

The clinic is accessible, Parking is easy.

Are there any challenges?

Oh Yes!  We must be extremely good at what we do as it is not a service ‘you just fancy’ People only come when they are ill or injured. We do not create dependency so have to rely on recommendations and getting people well so that they remember us for any future ailments. The NHS is free, so we have to offer something far better and good value. Pain Science has changed and evolved tremendously over the last 20 years and not all practitioners are up to date and work using the most up to date knowledge. This can be confusing for people as it requires very different thinking and approaches.

Some of the challenges are, not being drawn into the latest trends/crazes just because people want and hear about them. We remain true to our evidence-based goals thereby giving excellent value and ensuring people become pain-free. There is only one truth and that is good science. We constantly keep updated on the latest research and check it thoroughly looking at who has done the research, why and what if any, is the benefit to them. This can be difficult when someone has their mind set on a treatment they want.

We are based at the bottom end of the street and people often do not know we are here…even after 20 years!

Have you noticed a change in how people shop? Are they supporting local businesses rather than going mainstream high street?

Due to cutbacks in the NHS, the waiting time, and the limited time they can offer for each appointment people are more willing to pay for treatment and expect high standards, which is something we can offer. Many people also have medical insurance, and this can be used at our clinic.

If people want to visit and use your services. When are you open, how can people contact you?

We are open Monday to Friday with a variation of appointments from 8am to 6pm.

If anyone is unsure if physio is the right thing for them, they can telephone without any obligation.

clinic front 2

Image: Aspen Physiotherapy

We can be contacted by telephone on 01661 830980,


Facebook Aspen Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic-



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