Culture Trip 23- Amble & Alnmouth

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and explore all places beginning with the letter A.

It was the start of half term and me the Hirst family wanted to blow the cobwebs away and go on a walk and explore the Northumberland coast. First, we drove to Amble, we used to have a caravan hear so it brought back some nice holiday memories.

We arrived there at lunchtime and were in need of some food, my Dad is not one for Fish and Chips so we really needed somewhere with a bit more choice. And we found this (new to us) restaurant called Radcliffes Cafe Bar 


I think it was German or Swedish… I am not too sure. Either way, it was a pleasant place to sit down to get something to eat.


Mum had a fish finger sandwich and I and Dad had the spiced lentil soup with smoky bacon. Both were filling and satisfying to eat. Who would have thought that bacon on top of soup would work but it does, trust me- you need to try this when you visit.

And price wise it was fairly reasonable.


You would think that we had no room for dessert, well we did because Pancakes were on the menu. We shared one pancake that was filled with fruit and yoghurt and all things healthy 😉  It brought delight to my taste buds.
 Getting back to why we were there- walking, we had a stroll along Amble Village, which is like little huts selling and showcasing local businesses/products.
Continuing on to the Harbour, sadly we didn’t see any boatman catch any fish but it was refreshing to breathe in the sea air and appreciate the sounds of the sea and seagulls. The weather wasn’t the best so we decided not to walk as far as the lighthouse, instead, we stopped at the colourful sheds.
Only a leisurely walk, next destination we were off to Alnmouth.
Because of the time of arrival- most of the shops had closed. We parked around the golf course next to the beach.  It was lovely to see the sun still out and hear the waves crash against the rocks.  Just breathing the fresh coastal air in was enough for me.
Having a walk around the town looked like a small fishing village, full of cafes, pubs and hotels. I liked seeing all the little shops with interesting window displays. The whole town had its unique own character.
Because it was quiet, it felt like we had Alnmouth to ourselves. Remember the scene in Chitty? When there are no children around, it was just like that.
But I enjoyed the peace and quiet, just listening to the silence and enjoying this picture postcard town.
It was getting late and we had to start making tracks back home so we finished our little stroll around Alnmouth and headed back home. It just goes to show that you don’t have to travel abroad to find views like these. And if I am honest I had forgotten all about the Northumberland coast, so I am glad I visited.

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