Culture Trip 24- Beaumaris

I took myself to North Wales and visited Beaumaris and Beaumaris Castle. 
Beaumaris is a beautiful coastal town and it reminds me of the North East coastline. Walking along, feeling the sea breeze over my face and hearing the crash of the sea- I loved it.


Before I took part in any tourist things, I had to find a cafe. Walking around the colourful houses. I ended up in Beau’s Tea Room and what a sweet little place it was. Decorated in an array of trinkets, the cafe felt very homely.  You know I like herbal teas so I decided to go for a Bakewell tea and a bowl of vegetable soup with some bread.



The tea was simply delightful, the soup was warm and filling. Now fed and watered, I was ready to see the sights of Beaumaris.  And I had heard about Beaumaris Castle so I wanted to visit.

It was £6.90 for an Adult Ticket.

It is a magnificent castle to look at, it just a shame that it never got finished …

Edward I never got to finish his castle due to money and the Scots invading, basically there was too much on his mind the castle was not his first priority.
Not wanting to bombard you with all the history (as you can learn about that when you are there) I enjoy how interactive the castle is.

Usually, you walk around a castle and you still have no idea why it was there or who built it.  But with Beaumaris, there are boards everywhere full of interesting information about the castle. So when you are walking around, you know what you are looking at.



Don’t worry if you are not a fan of reading, there are plenty of interactive bits for you to play with. Here is the entertainment hall, where royalty would have enjoyed all sorts of music, such as this harp.

And yes, yes I did play a tune with it.


Now James of Saint George built Beaumaris Castle and he must have known what he was doing when he did.  I am not an architect but I was impressed with the design and scale of the building.



And not only that but just the sheer location of the castle, walking up to the highest parts of Beaumaris Castle and just admiring North Wales. I mean, what a view it was.   Look at those mountains and the greenery.  I would love to live in North Wales just for that view.

Very impressed with the Castle, I was nearly at the end of my day and was about to head home. Until I came across this…20190221_145230.jpg

I thought it was a Welsh version of Stone Henge, but it wasn’t.

This stone circle is a symbol of Druids in Anglesey.  It is a reminder that the Eisteddfod was held in the summer of 1996. The  Eisteddfod was originally a sitting of bards but has evolved over centuries to celebrate all aspects of culture in Wales.  The centre stone- The Logan Stone served as a proclamation platform for the bards.

So there you are 🙂

I loved  Beaumaris- the weather was beautiful and the town is so serene and full of little shops and of course the castle.

If you ever take a trip to North Wales then go to Beaumaris.


For more information about the castle click here 


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