My Top 5 Podcasts #2

It turns out I really enjoy listening to Podcasts, so these are my new Top five Podcasts.

1. Frisky & Mannish

You guys know why I love Frisky and Mannish so when I heard they were doing a podcast I was so excited.  Laura Corcoran and Matthew Floyd Jones discuss the meaning behind the creation of their shows, songs and themselves ie where their names came from.

Behind the costume and comedy, this duo are genuinely a clever bunch and to hear them talk about their shows- I feel like it all makes sense.

2. Sh**ged Married Annoyed

North East Comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife who is a fabulous Instagrammer/Vlogger Rosie Ramsey have created a podcast. It is the only chance they get to sit down and have a chin wag without being disturbed by their adorable toddler. They are totally honest and relatable, as they talk about and offer advice on life, relationships, parenting and if it’s a good idea to have a foursome or not…

I love to listen to their podcast in the morning whilst I get ready and have a chuckle to myself. I like what’s your beef feature, where the couple has a mini-rant about how they annoy each other.

3. Off Menu

My brother introduced this podcast to me and I am glad he did. Basically, Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite special guests like  Josie Long, Phil Wang and  Joel Dommett into their magical restaurant to choose their dream menu.

If you are hungry then you may not wanna listen to this straight away. It is really interesting to hear what foods celebs like and it is a true insight into their lives. I tell you what my opinion of Richard Osman has changed- wait till you hear what he likes for pud.

4. The Life Bath

The Life Bath Podcast is fantastic for all North East bloggers, it is full of interviews with bloggers. Talking about their life, career and passions. For me, it is interesting to hear the voice behind the blogger and to find more about them as people rather than social media influencers.

5. David Tennant Does a Podcast With

I have left this till last I have only heard David Tennant’s interview with Jodie Whittaker. Who if you don’t know is the first female Doctor, so to have a previous Doctor interview the new Doctor is a fabulous podcast.

I see David Tennant has interviewed Ian McKellen, Whoopi Goldberg and Olivia Coleman and they are on my to listen to list.


Of course, you can listen to any of these podcasts on any podcast app, let me know what your favourites are in the comments below.

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