Are Theatre Critics fans?

I have been reviewing theatre since 2012 and I love it, theatre is my passion. My background is within the arts so to be going to the theatre and writing about it, is a great job to have.

I used to perform on a stage and when I stopped, there was an empty hole to fill.  So by sitting on this side of the stage, I am still able to experience theatre again.  And whether I like or dislike the performance is up to me when I write my review.

But this post is not about reviewing theatre- I think I have already done that. I want to talk about us theatre critics fangirling over a show.

I don’t think I have ever fangirled but what I have done is reviewed shows created by a certain artist or company etc for a couple of times and then decided to stop reviewing their productions. Take Frisky and Mannish, for example, now you know that I am massive fans of them- it is because of that that  I don’t review them anymore.

I have seen their stuff so many times now that I have an idea of what to expect, I know I will enjoy it anyway and I have become rather pally with them now.  That is when I stop if I review a companies production a couple of times and I have come to enjoy the shows then I stop. Because I feel that I will always enjoy it and I will have come to know what type of content they will create.

As a reviewer, I have to draw the line somewhere. I have to protect my integrity and remain professional




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