Review: The Cat in The Hat @ Northern Stage, Newcastle

The Cat in The Hat is a fantastic children’s story by Dr. Seuss. It tells the story of two siblings who are stuck in the house on a rainy day but all is well when the Cat in The Hat shows them how to play.

The house looks like it has been drawn from a book, it is quite plain and open but that allows the audience to concentrate on all of the colourful characters.

Speaking of which Thing 1 and Thing 2 played by Celis Francis and Robert Penny are incredible acrobats. As they leap, jump, flip and bounce around the house causing all sorts of mayhem for Sally (Melissa Lowe) and her brother (Sam Angell).

The relationship between the siblings was very convincing and totally relatable, the character’s definitely brought back a lot of memories of how I and my little brother used to play when we were little.

My memories of the story are all from the film and I completely forgot about the fish. Played by Charley Magalit, her vocals were on point. In her bubble and with bubbles floating around, I got Glinda from Wicked The Musical vibes from her. How she managed to breathe let alone sing in that bubble I will never know.



Poor Fish having to constantly shout at The Cat in The Hat, stressing out about all the mayhem that was going on around the house.  Whilst the Cat (Nana Amoo- Gottfried) is soo smooth and sophisticated.  Playing it ever so cool, I liked how agile the Cat was as he balanced on the ball whilst carrying a number of things on his hands on his head.  Creating all this magic and mischievousness in the house, he kept the children on their feet.

A Curve and Rose Theatre Kingston Production, it was full of imagination, colour and fun. Keeping the younger audience engaged by talking to them, singing catchy songs, dancing groovy dance moves and just immersing them in the whole adventure.

The Cat in The Hat is purrfect for all the family.

For more information about The Cat in The Hat click here 




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