Creative Crafters- Fellside Snuggles

Image: Adele Swindle-Phillips

Tell me more about your craft? What is it? When did you find out you were good at it?

I knit … I love knitting … my Mum taught me how to spool knit when I was very small and I spent hours creating miles and miles of colourful snakes. Never one for planning (or following instructions ..) my first knitting adventure was a jumper of epic proportions, fitting Mum and my 2 sisters perfectly and is, annoyingly, still a source of hilarity to this day – but I was completely hooked. I create simply designed hats & accessories from my workshop atop the fells, in rainbow yarns for mummy and small, functional, cosy and oh so bright & cheery.

Why did you decide to turn into a business?

My little boy developed severe eczema when he was smaller – leaving me unable to return to work but also lead me on the quest to create a skin-kind hat that didn’t irritate and that was different from the usual plain offerings.

Friends encouraged me to sell them (I imagine because they were running out of space for ‘hat gifts..’) so I have a small online presence and an outlet with a few more on the horizon. Charlie’s eczema is well under control now, so I use a variety of yarns .. the ‘itchy friendly’ hats are still a firm favourite though.


Image: Adele Swindle-Phillips

Tell us more about the process, the step by step process of your craft-From the concept to the final product.

The simple design of the hats was born firstly from a necessity to be ‘put down & pick-up-able’ and secondly to show the beauty of the yarns & colours to their full extent. Although I used to dye, card and spin my own yarn I now source them through small independent retailers which helps to keep costs down and, of course, in turn, support other small ventures – share the love ♥️

Where do you sell your product?

I have a small Facebook shop where I post the ‘works in progress’ and showcase designs available. They are also available to purchase at The Allendale Forge Studios and also do local craft shows.

Have you noticed a rise in crafters and people buying creations?

I’m relatively new to selling, but I have always bought from local crafters … and the markets & shows I attend have increased both in size and frequency it’s certainly a good sign!

What is the crafting industry like?

It’s lovely to be able to share your work and to hear kind comments. It’s quite difficult keeping costs in line with pricing though .. labour intensive crafts can take a lot of time yet have to be competitively priced.


Image: Adele Swindle-Phillips

Do you recommend people starting up their own crafting creations and turning it into a business?

I think anything that you love doing and are passionate about is worth the time. There are many small craft fairs to test your product out on ‘other people’ .. so I say try it! It’s so much fun and there are so many lovely people to meet .. although you may end up spending more on all the other gorgeous things that you make on your stall …..


You can checkout Fellside Snuggles Facebook Page here 

And Allendale Forge Studio website here 



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