Culture Trip 26- Chester Zoo

I have visited Chester Zoo on several occasions, taken loads of photos but never ever written about for my Culture Trip. Shocking I know.

Better later than never I guess? So here I am writing about it.

I booked my ticket on the day and online as online is cheaper, as when you book online up to 9.30am on the day of your visit then you will still save £2 on each ticket compared with the price you’ll pay at the gates.

It is better to arrive there earlier so you are not caught up in the queues for parking and for entry.  Once you arrive, you get your yellow wristband and map and away you go.

You first get to see the Elephants. I was so excited to see these beautiful creatures as I liked to think they are one of the most wises animals in the jungle. You picture the classic scene from Jungle Book where the elephants are boisterous and regimental but I think they are older, peaceful and elegant animals. Just doing what they like and not being bothered by anything else.


When you get the map there is no specific route to go, you can just follow your nose or check out the map and visit your favourite animals. I just followed my nose on the times that I visited.

I found myself saying hello to the Rhinos, which again are in my opinion so elegant- they are the gentle giants of the zoo.  I think they share rooms with the Meerkats (featured image) who are soo cute and it is a funny team to put together but it must work.


From Meerkats to another cute and fluffy animal- the African Painted Dogs are adorable and are a joy to look at.



They were indoors and asleep when I saw them, so I had to be very quiet as I did not want to wake them. And as you can see, each dog has its own different markings- they all look camouflaged together. It was hard to tell where one dog started and one ended.

Chester Zoo is a massive open plan Zoo, I really think that you need the whole day to really explore the Zoo and make the most of it.  No matter what the weather the zoo is a naturally beautiful place, just to walk around and enjoy the environment.



And when you are walking around the Zoo, you can bet that you will be hearing a very loud squark from a peculiar looking bird.  Which is the Javan Rhinoceros Hornbill, it sounds like an alarm.


It is so loud, I could not work out where it was from until one of the zookeepers told me what it was.


Speaking of peculiar looking creatures, I remember one of my visits I came upon this cute looking shrew. And annoyingly I can’t remember what it was called, I just remember it was soo tiny and the nose was rather long.

If you have been to Chester Zoo and can remember what it was called then please let me know.


As some of you may know, I have a cat and I love big cats of the Zoo, from Lions, Tigers, Panthers and Cheetahs. I love cats so I wanted to make the effort to see them. Here are a few photos.



There is so much to see at Chester Zoo, I feel like if I keep going then this blog will be full of photos and frankly unreadable. What I have shown you is just a snippet of what you can expect.

And if you have ever watched Chester Zoo on Channel 4 and wondered if you should visit well I can not recommend it enough.

I have never been to another Zoo and I don’t think there is another zoo around me, so it this is a treat for me and I really do love coming to Chester Zoo. For more information click here 








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