Creative Crafters- YvyB Artist and illustrator

Image: YvyB Artist and illustrator

Tell me more about your craft? What is it? When did you find out you were good at it?

Artist and illustrator. From a very early age, my Grandmother would set me up painting, so she could paint. I soon developed a love of art. Over the years I have dabbled. Strangely,  the HBO show Game of Thrones inspired me back into my art. I became prolific, but all for my own amusement. Eventually, I started doing other things instead, knitting, crochet amongst other things and I got out of the way of it.

Then one by one people would me to do something for them. This year I finally decided I would try and make a go of it! Painting portraits and animals and landscapes.  Mainly watercolour but sometimes oil and ink.

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Image: YvyB Artist and illustrator

Why did you decide to turn into a business?

Mainly other people’s comments and encouragement.  My family are grown and I now have time to devote. It has been a slow process. I do commission portraits to get the funds to make the prints.

Tell us more about the process, the step by step process of your craft- From the concept to the final product.

I always start from an image .. usually via my laptop. I sketch then paint. Sometimes I start with the background .. using paint and salt to get unusual effects. For example The Peaky Blinders Brothers.  I tend to paint for myself the shows that I like to watch and I love Faces!

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Image: YvyB Artist and illustrator

Where do you sell your product?

This weekend I have finally got enough prints together to be in 2 venues . 1 in a local business in Prudhoe and at a newly opened Artist venue at Vallum.

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Image: YvyB Artist and illustrator

Have you noticed a rise in crafters and people buying creations?

I think, because of the digital age. The world has opened up to learning creating and selling in a massive way. Which is great for crafts that were being lost. I also knit and crochet and have had success in the past, but painting has always been my true passion.

What is the crafting industry like?

It can be tough to start with. Finding the right market and startup costs can be a problem. But once you get there. Doing what you enjoy can’t be a bad thing?


Image: YvyB Artist and illustrator

Do you recommend people starting up their own crafting creations and turning it into a business?

I think, when you have a talent it is definitely rewarding to share with the world. The hardest thing is putting a value on your work.


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Her Facebook Page is here

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