Prudhoe Front Street- Prudhoe Pet Centre

Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

What is your business called?

Prudhoe Pet Centre

What service do you provide?

We are Prudhoe pet centre with a grooming parlour attached ( which we rent out ) we supply all types of pet food accessories etc.



Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

Where in Prudhoe are you?

We are located just off the front street behind Gilmore Estate.


Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

When did you open your shop?

We have owned the business for just over 4 years ( was bought as going concern )


Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

Why Prudhoe Front Street?

As it was a going concern when we bought it we didn’t really have a say where it was and as we live in Prudhoe thought it would be ideal and initially it was good as people shopped locally but at the moment they don’t like the selection of shops has reduced and although we have a core of loyal customers we find it difficult to attract new because of the lack of footfall.


Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre


Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

Are there any challenges?

We have experienced problems with people saying they can buy cheaper at pets at home and off the internet although we do try to compete it’s hard.


Image: Prudhoe Pet Centre

We are open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9/4 Saturday and offer free delivery three times a week.


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