Prudhoe Front Street- The R Salon

What is your business called?

The R Salon

What service do you provide?

We provide a vast range of hair, beauty and nail services. We do treatments that are suitable for all ages and also unisex. We try our best to provide these services to accommodate absolutely every area of speciality. We have also just incorporated a professional registered nurse doing aesthetics to join our team of highly qualified and experienced members.

Where in Prudhoe are you?

We are situated across from the Mary Magdelene church on the junction to south road, at the west of Prudhoe.
The R Salon 

When did you open your shop?

I opened THE R SALON in March 2010 but we were originally in the middle of the front street in a small one room upstairs let. This was great as a starter but proved to be a task for older clientele and also young mothers as the stairs were so steep, wheelchairs were a definite NO.
The salon we are in now was opened July 2013 and I love it. We can help clients through the door when helps needed, we can manage prams and buggies and most of all we have wheelchair access, just amazing.
The R Salon 

Why Prudhoe Front Street?

I have lived locally for 32 years now so it made total sense to open up my salon in Prudhoe. My clients of all ages have followed me from working in Lox to going mobile, to now having my own salon. Most of my clients are from the surrounding area. I’m extremely proud to say I’ve been doing some of the same clients for 30 years


The R Salon 

What is the best thing about being on Front Street?

Prudhoe Front Street is a great place to be. We have a massive community spirit and support from the locals. Businesses are very good at contributing to charities and special occasions and events. Each and everyone can pull together with the public in times of need. Most of the business owners know each other, all in all, I think the town is really friendly.

Are there any challenges?

Challenges……… Definitely. There are so many of us owners that offer the same or very similar services. There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition and everyone likes that but I think the town should have more say in what business are allowed to set up. We frequently have locals comment on how many Hairdressers are in Prudhoe and Takeaways so on and so on. We as a business tend to think that as Prudhoe is constantly growing hopefully we will too, but, we could definitely do with more variety of shops which would bring in more trade.


The R Salon 

Have you noticed a change in how people shop? Are they supporting local businesses rather than going mainstream high street?

I think customers that have always shopped locally will carry on. There have been many changes seen over the years, some good some not so. This means every business needs to be at the top of their game to make sure they carry on bringing old and new faces through the door.
I like to promote ourselves as a high-end salon, with the best quality services. My team are very competent and are constantly keeping up with training so being up to date with all fashions and trends.  We all love our jobs and it shows…. you can see the amazing transformations on our facebook page THE RSALON, check us out and follow as you will be able to see all our before and after photos.
The R Salon 
Sometimes it’s not all about the qualification, we are a very caring team and confidentiality comes first, always. We are great stress relief. It can be a message or just a shoulder to cry on either way we are there for each individual. All clients treatments whether hair or beauty is massively important to us and we like to give a personal touch to each and every one of you. We welcome all with a happy smiley face.
The R Salon Opening hours are
Tues 9-5
Wed 9-1
Thurs 9-8
Fri 9-6
Sat 9-3
On quieter times they do occasionally close a little earlier, or due to unforeseen cancellations.

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