I have an idea… Hexham Bandstand

I really want to celebrate Hexham and the history of this bandstand. By creating an audio installation.

Having an audio installation is more accessible and suited for the Hexham community.


In order to do my research about the bandstand, I need to go to libraries, forums, check out The Hexham Courant.

Checking out sites like:

History Pin

History Society


Once I have research, I would need to find people to tell their stories. I would need to advertise and do a call out to interest people to tell their story. And once I have people, I need to conduct interviews and record their stories.

Then put together the stories in one sound bite. Perhaps feature music that was played at the bandstand. And then create a walking route around the bandstand.

The Kit

I would need to find headphones and recording devices to people could walk around and listen to it.

It would be something like Aeons that was created by Opera North for Get North.


In terms of funding- I have very little knowledge of this, perhaps ACE Grants or National Lottery could support me in my idea?

Heritage Fund

Lottery Fund


Local community stories and their voices are important and of interest to Hexham.

The trouble is I have no idea where to start or who to speak to, as I have never ever done anything like this before.

I just have an idea and nothing to go from.


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