Culture Trip 28- Saltburn

It’s great when all of the Hirst famalam is off, it means we can all go out on an adventure out somewhere. And this one took us to Saltburn Pier.

Saltburn Pier is (if I am not mistaken) close to Redcar and Cleveland and I had not been there since I was little.  So I was excited to return and see what was there.

Though the sunshine was out, it was a very blustery day and I am glad I had my scarf and gloves with me.


We parked up and walked along the coastline, looked up to see that the town is up on a hill.  20190416_131326.jpg

So we decided to take the famous lift info town, it is £1.10 for an Adult and I advise that you take cash as the card machine does not work.

The Saltburn Cliff Lift was created in 1884, it replaced the vertical cliff hoist, designed by John Anderson.



It provides access to Saltburn and the seafront from the town.  It is the oldest operating water-balance cliff lift in the UK.  And clearly very popular with the tourists, as we had to wait in a queue before paying and going on.

20190416_132010This is my view going up in the tramway, it only took 55 seconds 🙂


We arrived at the top and the view was incredible.20190416_153824.jpg

Not wanting to go down straight away, we look out for a place to grab some lunch. I had already googled a few cafes and Virgo’s came up as a good option.  When you arrive from the lift, walk left and head towards the train station, from there go left and keep walking- you will find Virgos.


And I am really happy we went there, we had: Milkshake, Tea, Mocha, Fizzy drink, X2soups, Wedges, Chicken and Leek pie, Fishcake, Vegan dessert and a Fairycake

It all came to £40 and it was so worth it. The Soup was delicious, fishcake was tasty and I had the pie with tatties, gravy and veg. And I was so full I could not manage a pud. I liked the milkshake with a paper straw in a milk bottle.

My family were happy with their meals.
It was really busy and we waited but I did not mind the wait for this amazing food.
Just a little disappointed there were little vegan options.

After lunch, we decided to walk back down rather than use the lift. It was nice to take in the sea air and enjoy the views.
I am really impressed with the town, there are some fantastic independent shops that you won’t see anywhere else.
Before we headed to the car, we had a little stroll along to the park just to take in the sun once more.


We are lucky to have some beautiful beaches and coastlines in the UK, it is nice just to explore and take it all in.

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