Culture Trip 29- Talkin Tarn Country Park

It was Good Friday and the weather was gorgeous, I checked my places to go list and me and my family decided to explore Talkin Tarn Country Park.

Just 15mins walk from Brampton Railway Station, it is a park that is made up of mature woodland and meadows that surrounds a glacial lake and the Pennine Hills.


Talkin comes from the Celtic “Talcan” which means brow of a hill, Tarn comes Viking word “Tjorn” which means small lake or teardrop. Viking burials have actually been discovered in this area.

Talkin Tarn is a kettle hole lake formed by glaciers 18,00 yeard ago. Moving ice scoured and carved the landscape leaving glacial sand hills and a natural bowl which filled with water as huge blocks of ice melted.


This is the layout of the lake so before we decided to walk ALL of it, we got ice cream from the cafe and then started our walk around.


On such a lovely day, we just took our time- no rush. I took soo many photos, as the views that I was seeing as I walked around was simply picturesque.



I loved how still, calm and peaceful the water was the sun shone on it. Every step we took, there was another angle and something new to look at.



It was not all just water, there were woodlands, fields and animals around too.




It was very busy so I was worried it would not be peaceful but it was very serene to be walking around and appreciating nature in Carlisle.


If you fancy something a bit more adventures then Talkin Tarn offers some wild activities.  Such as orienteering, golf, kayaking, archery and boat hire.



It only took us about 30mins to walk alway around,  so we must have walked the blue trail.


All that walking around and the heat of the day had me parched, so we went to the tea room that is open 10-4 and had some delicious cakes and Fentimines fizzy drinks.


It was such a lovely Good Friday, I hope you enjoyed yours 😉

Of course, you can visit Talkin Tarn whenever you want.

For more information about Talking Tarn Country Park click here 

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