Culture Trip 30- Kite Festival @ Newbiggin- by-the-Sea

It was during the Easter weekend that we visited Newbiggin-by-the-sea to see the Kite Festival take place.

Newbiggin is a  small coastal town in South East Northumberland. The town is famous for its

I had been to Newbiggin before but not for a very long time so it was nice to be back. We knew that the Kite Festival was on over Saturday and Sunday, we decided to go on Sunday.


For more information about the Maritime Centre click here

As we walked along the beach, we could see the kites fly up in the sky. If I am honest it was so hot that day, I was not sure if there would be wind for the kites to fly but there was. I suppose being along the coast, it was windy enough for it works.


Walking further along to see the Kites, it was fascinating to see the level of detail that has gone into them, from being colour to characters I could see what was flying up in the sky.



We walked further along towards the Maritime Centre to see kite demonstrations and more and more kites.



I had not realised that this was the 8th year of the Kite Festival and it was a joy to watch.

Along with the Kites, there was entertainment around the bandstand by Steel By The Sea



I could have stood there all day just dancing to their songs, it was such a great sound.

Here, listen to it yourself- I bet your toe is tapping.


I and my family also explored the coastline and I am jealous of the caravans that are there as they have such a beautiful view.





It was really nice to feel the sun and the wind breeze in my face and to appreciate Northumberland Coastlines.

In some of my kite photos, you may have seen a tiny glimpse of The Couple Sculpture by Sean Henry Now I did not get a close up of it because of where it is in the sea.

But there is a mini sculpture near the park on the beach for you to see.


They do detailed and lifelike. I did want to take a photo of what they were looking out too but other people wanted to take photos so I did not want to take up too much time. Ahh the problems for us bloggers.


It was such a lovely day out at Newbiggin, I would like to go back again in the summer perhaps.


For more information about Newbiggin click here 


One thought on “Culture Trip 30- Kite Festival @ Newbiggin- by-the-Sea

  1. Ah that’s probably the same day I went to Seaton Sluice! It was so warm we walked there from Shiremoor, that kite festival looks super cool though!


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