Gym Induction @ Waterworld, Prudhoe

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You guys know that I love to do Yoga and Meditation to help release all of the negative energy. Lately, I have found that it is not doing enough and I need something else to help my mind and also my body.

My local Active Northumberland centre is Waterworld in Prudhoe and I knew that they had a refurbishment in the gym with all new equipment. So I decided to book and pay for the induction and a session at the gym.


Image: Active Northumberland 

My induction was at 11 o’clock with Patrick, but I don’t think I got Patrick- I got another member of staff- I forget his name but he was really good. He showed me all of the equipment and how to use it and explained what it was all for and how it would benefit my body.


Image: Active Northumberland 

If I am honest I am intimated by gyms but I like how the new gym at Waterworld has been set up and I did not feel scared at all, the instructor made me feel right at ease and I was not anxious at all.

I ended up being in the gym for an hour including the induction, I did 15mins on the treadmill, 15mins on the cross trainer and 15mins on the bike. I think next time I am going to do a balance of the cardio and the resistance/ muscle machines.


Image: Active Northumberland 

My arms and quad muscles really need toning up so if I do a mix of cardio and resistance that should help me out.

What I liked about the cardio machines (that are created by Technogym) that I used is that they are not only fitness machines, but they are like smartphones. Seriously the screen is a touch screen, you can watch youtube, go on social media,  listen to the radio and watch tv.  It even has Bluetooth so you can tune with your fitness device or smartphone.


Image: Active Northumberland 

I forgot my headphones, I need some new sport ones so if you have any suggestions please let me know the comment section. So I was not able to watch tv or listen to the radio- but I will give a go next time.

What I did do was select the outdoor setting and you can pick different trials or walking paths, so you look at the screen and you can cycle in the French Alps or run in the countryside. Which I really liked as it totally got me focused on the route and the view rather than my time or how many calories I was burning.


Image: Active Northumberland 

I don’t like to focus on numbers and facts etc, as long as I am doing exercise, getting fit and enjoying myself that is all that matters. Now I know what I am doing and I feel comfortable in the gym, I will be going back and getting myself in a routine.

Video: Active Northumberland 


Waterworld is on Front Street, Prudhoe, NE42 5DQ. 

For more info about opening times, class bookings etc click here 

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