Why I can’t get a job in the Media

The real answer to this is, I personally have no idea.

Since I graduated in 2016 I have been applying for jobs. I have looked at everything in Blogging, Content Writing, Broadcast Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Journalism, PR and Marketing.

And I have 0 luck. Well, that is not entirely true, I have had interviews in the past (not so much now)  and I feel like the interviews go well and I feel like I have a positive response with the employer. But then I get the dreaded email rejecting my application or saying sorry I am unlucky this time around.

When I ask for feedback, I am lucky to get it as most companies don’t have the time to respond.  In terms of the feedback, it is all positive- they all say that I was perfect, my interview was strong and my portfolio was strong it was just someone else was a touch better than you.

I wish I knew what they have that I don’t as it is so disheartening.  They could pick up on the fact I don’t drive (YET) but that has never been the issue. Sometimes it has been about my work experience, I either have too much or not enough. This puzzles me, how can I have too much?

I am just going to make a list here of all the experience that I have done over the years to show you what I have done.

Journalism/ Marketing Experience 2015-2018

 Marketing Cheshire October- December 2017

 Venue Cymru 16th-19th May 2017

Northern Stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe July-August 2014

 ITV Tyne Tees 28th- 30th April 2016

 Liverpool Echo and Southport Visiter  12th-17th September 2016

Leicester Mercury 10th-15th October 2016

 Hexham Courant in June 2015

 Johnston Press North East June 2015-July 2015

 Hexham Courant in October 2011

Writing Experience 2013-2018

Festival Blogger for Live Theatre Live Lab Elevator February 2017

Culture Editor Kettle Magazine Jan 2016-September 2016

Theatre Correspondent Kettle Magazine July 2015-Jan 2016

Writer for Engage Magazine  April 2014November 2014

Writer for Career Camel June 2014- November 2015

Writer for Shutter Magazine July 2014- November 2014

Writer for Eat More Cake July 2014- March 2015

Head Writer of NEMS March 2014- November 2014

Writer for Kettle Magazine Jan 2014- July 2015

Writer for NE:MM Jan 2014-  October 2014

Reported for Student Review Magazine January 2012 – 2014

Reporter for Spark Sunderland September 2013- May 2016

Writer for Fashion North September 2013- May 2016

Reporter for SR News September 2013-May 2016

Reviewing Experience 2011-2018

 Vulture Hound Magazine  April 2014November 2015

 The Review Hub March 2014-Jan 2016

 FATEA Magazine 2013- October 2015

Northern Lights September 2013- May 2016

Selected for the “Evening Chronicle” Young Reviewers Competition 2012/13, 18th April 2012 to April 2014

Juice Festival Press Gang (in conjunction with New Writing north) 6th June 2012 – March 2015

North East reviewer for The Good Review 6th June 2012- March 2015

Voluntary Experience 2013-2018

Young Reviewer Ambassador for Oddsocks Young Reviewer Scheme May 2017

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums Volunteer for History Pin March 2017- April 2017

Front Of House / Marketing Team, Voluntary Role with Northern Stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 27th July-24th August 2014.

BBC Radio Newcastle- Regional Audience Panel Member 2013-October 2016

Runner @ BBC Look North Children In Need Event 2013 at Hexham

BBC The Great North Passion Event 2013 at South Shields- Worked with BBC Radio Newcastle and Spark FM interviewing the public and creating vox pops


I understand that when I apply for marketing roles I don’t have enough but everything else simply puzzles me.  And I am trying to get more experience in Marketing but that is becoming more of a struggle now too.

I really don’t know where I should go from here or what I should do now?

I am starting to doubt myself and think of giving up the world of media and totally changing tack, but even if I do- where do I go?  Do I stick in retail? Move to an office job? Pursue something within the arts?

I really don’t know, I am a total loss as to how and why I still only work part-time and do not have a full-time job in my desired industry when I have worked so hard for it.





4 thoughts on “Why I can’t get a job in the Media

  1. Are you looking to stay in the North East Gemma? Have you signed up to NHS jobs website? There can often be quite a few jobs coming up within communications/marketing in the NHS. There’s VONNE which looks after the third sector. The North East Jobs website has a marketing, media and press section – that’s how I applied for my job at the fire service. I also used to use Indeed and Reed. Have you thought about an apprenticeship into marketing/media/communications? There’s currently my maternity leave (temporary contract) and a full time corporate comms advisor job going at the fire service – look on North East Jobs for the adverts and how to apply.

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