Why I can’t get a job in the Media

The real answer to this is, I personally have no idea.

Since I graduated in 2016 I have been applying for jobs. I have looked at everything in Blogging, Content Writing, Broadcast Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Journalism, PR and Marketing.

And I have 0 luck. Well, that is not entirely true, I have had interviews in the past (not so much now)  and I feel like the interviews go well and I feel like I have a positive response with the employer. But then I get the dreaded email rejecting my application or saying sorry I am unlucky this time around.

When I ask for feedback, I am lucky to get it as most companies don’t have the time to respond.  In terms of the feedback, it is all positive- they all say that I was perfect, my interview was strong and my portfolio was strong it was just someone else was a touch better than you.

I wish I knew what they have that I don’t as it is so disheartening.  They could pick up on the fact I don’t drive (YET) but that has never been the issue. Sometimes it has been about my work experience, I either have too much or not enough. This puzzles me, how can I have too much?

I am just going to make a list here of all the experience that I have done over the years to show you what I have done.

Journalism/ Marketing Experience 2015-2018

 Marketing Cheshire October- December 2017

 Venue Cymru 16th-19th May 2017

Northern Stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe July-August 2014

 ITV Tyne Tees 28th- 30th April 2016

 Liverpool Echo and Southport Visiter  12th-17th September 2016

Leicester Mercury 10th-15th October 2016

 Hexham Courant in June 2015

 Johnston Press North East June 2015-July 2015

 Hexham Courant in October 2011

Writing Experience 2013-2018

Festival Blogger for Live Theatre Live Lab Elevator February 2017

Culture Editor Kettle Magazine Jan 2016-September 2016

Theatre Correspondent Kettle Magazine July 2015-Jan 2016

Writer for Engage Magazine  April 2014November 2014

Writer for Career Camel June 2014- November 2015

Writer for Shutter Magazine July 2014- November 2014

Writer for Eat More Cake July 2014- March 2015

Head Writer of NEMS March 2014- November 2014

Writer for Kettle Magazine Jan 2014- July 2015

Writer for NE:MM Jan 2014-  October 2014

Reported for Student Review Magazine January 2012 – 2014

Reporter for Spark Sunderland September 2013- May 2016

Writer for Fashion North September 2013- May 2016

Reporter for SR News September 2013-May 2016

Reviewing Experience 2011-2018

 Vulture Hound Magazine  April 2014November 2015

 The Review Hub March 2014-Jan 2016

 FATEA Magazine 2013- October 2015

Northern Lights September 2013- May 2016

Selected for the “Evening Chronicle” Young Reviewers Competition 2012/13, 18th April 2012 to April 2014

Juice Festival Press Gang (in conjunction with New Writing north) 6th June 2012 – March 2015

North East reviewer for The Good Review 6th June 2012- March 2015

Voluntary Experience 2013-2018

Young Reviewer Ambassador for Oddsocks Young Reviewer Scheme May 2017

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums Volunteer for History Pin March 2017- April 2017

Front Of House / Marketing Team, Voluntary Role with Northern Stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 27th July-24th August 2014.

BBC Radio Newcastle- Regional Audience Panel Member 2013-October 2016

Runner @ BBC Look North Children In Need Event 2013 at Hexham

BBC The Great North Passion Event 2013 at South Shields- Worked with BBC Radio Newcastle and Spark FM interviewing the public and creating vox pops


I understand that when I apply for marketing roles I don’t have enough but everything else simply puzzles me.  And I am trying to get more experience in Marketing but that is becoming more of a struggle now too.

I really don’t know where I should go from here or what I should do now?

I am starting to doubt myself and think of giving up the world of media and totally changing tack, but even if I do- where do I go?  Do I stick in retail? Move to an office job? Pursue something within the arts?

I really don’t know, I am a total loss as to how and why I still only work part-time and do not have a full-time job in my desired industry when I have worked so hard for it.





8 thoughts on “Why I can’t get a job in the Media

  1. Are you looking to stay in the North East Gemma? Have you signed up to NHS jobs website? There can often be quite a few jobs coming up within communications/marketing in the NHS. There’s VONNE which looks after the third sector. The North East Jobs website has a marketing, media and press section – that’s how I applied for my job at the fire service. I also used to use Indeed and Reed. Have you thought about an apprenticeship into marketing/media/communications? There’s currently my maternity leave (temporary contract) and a full time corporate comms advisor job going at the fire service – look on North East Jobs for the adverts and how to apply.

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    1. Hi Rachel, I have never thought about NHS Jobs. I will check out VONNE and NE jobs. I have looked into internships and apprenticeships but they are all unpaid. I will thank you.

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  2. Gemma: You keep that Faith and hold onto a Positive attitude! Why… because you were not meant for those jobs. Your position that you were meant to be in is on the way. You keep doing what you love to do and keep sending out those resumes. Trust me Angel the job you were meant to be in is coming as you just have to Trust, have Faith, and stay Positive. You have a lot of experience and write very well and you WILL stand out among the rest. Sending you lots of Positive Vibes and big HUGS! Cheers Angel!

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  3. Hi I’m sure you will get something, it’s just very competitive out there. Something to consider starting is a niche website. I started one in the science and psychology of colour, and it’s now starting to make a meaningful amount of money, with much greater potential. It does take time but if you enjoying writing and content creation it can turn into a nice little part time job.


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